Afraid of sounding egotistical?

Afraid of being egotistical?Afraid of sounding egotistical?

Twice in the past week I’ve talked to clients who feared that if they celebrated, appreciated and loved themselves they would be perceived as egotistical.

For much of our childhood we get the message to be humble, and don’t be conceited. Aka don’t get too big for your britches. Don’t be too much, too big, too anything. Don’t make anyone uncomfortable and don’t attract judgement. All the while being told to be ourselves and to do something great. What!? How confusing!

Here is the reality. Loving and celebrating yourself is NOT egotistical. Egotistical is the person who DOESN’T love themselves and tries to inflate their self-image but pulling the attention of others so they can feel like they are enough. It is when someone is trying to convince or prove to themselves and others that they are valuable.

I guarantee we have ALL done this at times in our lives. There is a demanding vibe to that behavior that feel repulsive and we want to resist it … because it feels empty and desperate not full of life.

SO when you celebrate yourself and love yourself, I feel really good and loving of myself. I appreciate when you are amazing and great at what you do or you are being fully you. I love celebrating that with you because you reflect back to me how amazing I am. You are not demanding my energy, you are sharing yours.


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