Are you CHOOSING often enough?

“It’s not about whether we have what it takes;
it’s about whether we choose to pursue it.”
~ Seth Godin

On my hike today I was pondering what decisions my clients and I make, and what we choose that is different from the general population.

Are you CHOOSING often enough? - Kelly SheetsI find that most people are under the illusion that they can’t significantly change their life at all – let alone in a moment. That makes the people I work with unique because the are committed to continually experiencing change as a way to fulfillment.

They learn how to experience the world differently from one moment to the next moment so they can create what they want.

Here’s the foundation:

You can choose to shift who you are being and get different results – RIGHT NOW. I have done it over and over and my clients learn to do it over and over.

Right now you can choose:

  • Ease over struggle
  • Fun over hard
  • Love over worry
  • Intimacy over distance
  • Receiving over resisting
  • Always enough over never enough
  • Open over closed
  • Possibility over limitation

These are states of BEing and you can learn to literally change your state in seconds.

You always have a choice in every moment … So if you feel like you don’t, you can start by choosing to change your story.

What story are you CHOOSING to listen to that limits your potential?

I don’t. I can’t. I shouldn’t. It’s not possible. I wish. If only they…

These statements waste energy. Period. The positive side is also that they waste energy… so they are highly effective if you want to stay exactly where you are.

Are you willing to choose something else and actually get what you want?

Ease, fulfillment, happy, love, success all begin with one decision.
Ask yourself throughout the day:
Is what I am doing, saying, thinking right now, moving me closer to my intentions or further away?

If it is, continue onward, if not, choose something else.



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