Attached to being unattached.

freedomWhile most of humankind is seeking security in relationship and material commitments, things that will plant them firmly HERE, there are the few of us who are seeking security in our sense of freedom.

I used to run my life on “Don’t fuck with my freedom to live how I want and we will be just fine.”

I would avoid commitments of any type that might limit my “freedom” – opportunities to travel, try new things, move at a moments notice, take someone up on an exciting adventure, change my mind, explore my own ideas.

I was attached to being unattached.

Many years ago I realized this avoidance of commitment was simply MY way of seeking security. The freedom and inconsistency, flying by the seat of my pants was in fact just another form of security.

Security is an illusion in the material world no matter how it comes.

Real freedom exists inside of us. Any set of circumstances can exist and we can still be free because freedom lives in the mind.

We are truly free when we are not attached to the judgements of good or bad, or should or shouldn’t. The true journey to security has been to go inside and explore my resistance, my fears, to feel more at ease and in wonder at this human experience I’m having.

My decreasing attachment to things and how I want it to be, has actually give me the true sense of freedom I was seeking.

This is why I love the work I do with others humans so much. It’s all such an interesting experience and I love sharing what I learn and when it really opens others to freedom too.

Want to really make your own rules and feel free?

Choose to be curious,

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