Being authentic – an interview

Being authentic Stylist Suze Solari interviewed me on being authentic and it was so fun I decided to share it here in the blog.

It´s a 20 minute interview so grab a tea or here are some time stamps for specificc topics:

  • Why intentions matter in your business, how to use them and have fun in your work 5:05
  • Your state of being, determines your results more than what you do 6:25
  • Increase your success and attract the right clients or people in your life with ease – no pulling, convincing or proving 9:00
  • How to let go of fear and your inner judge 11:00
  • Changing your habits of being small to being big – everyday 13:00
  • Stop over thinking and use your feeling state to create instant better results 15:45

Here is a link to get more info about the Change Militia

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