How to create real freedom in your life

how to create real freedom


Lately I’ve been trying a new writing practice in the mornings. It came to me while reading a great book by Natalie Goldberg, Long Quiet Highway, which I highly recommend.

Each day I pull an Angel card, set my timer and write for 10 minutes about the word I chose. I have gone from thinking I “should” be writing more to I love writing!! I’ve had these cards for 20 years. They have just one word on them so I pull one out and focus on how I can pay attention to that in my life. Really fun and simple awareness practice. These days I tend to use my own Curiosity cards daily but I still love the angel cards and what they provoke in me.

So onward to what I wrote about this morning. Freedom. To preface, freedom used to be my highest value. I created a life around freedom to do what I wanted, travel where I wanted, when I wanted. That choice created the life I have now and gave me the tools I share with others to help them live a full life on their own terms, but my relationship with this word has evolved drastically over time.

Freedom used to be directly tied to material and financial freedom. Those two things are still of value to me because being free to explore, travel, and be curious about life is something that contributes to my awareness – it helps me personally growth and serve clients in my work.

But that had a limit. Once you experience that type of freedom, there is more … internal freedom. The freedom to feel expanded, secure, joyful regardless of the outside circumstances. Its really what I was seeking all along, when I started traveling and living by my own rules 20 years ago. I just didn’t know how to create it.

I now know that the ONLY way to true freedom is the inward journey and I am continually allowing myself to experience it more and more. When our freedom is tied to the physical realm, and we lose things like money, a job, relationships, roles – financial and material freedom – it can destroy our potential for love peace and joy. When we realize the source of peace love and joy are inside, then we are actually free because we control the inside – it can not be lost or taken away.

Mastering the mind leads to freedom. I am no master yet but so far the results have been pretty amazing. By being me and exploring my own inner limitations and beliefs, I continue to reveal higher levels of love for myself and others and my own ability to feel secure no matter what is occurring outside of me. I am happy everyday.

Life still happens, ¨shit happens¨, but I am ¨more at ease no matter what happens and have way more clarity to CHOOSE what to do rather than react. THAT is freedom. I am capable and deeply trust myself. Life is good.

You are the source of these feelings. You already know. You have the capacity to create this sense of security inside of you. If that is interesting to you check out The Change Militia. What took me 20 years of seeking, is wrapped into monthly goodness and helping people get major results in even one month.

Come find what you are seeking inside and be your own guru.



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