8 questions to be more curiously powerful

curiously powerful Being a leader, being seen, being a brilliant parent, boss, lover, friend… the power to be fully alive – it all comes from within you. Power comes from inside you … aka empowered.

Unfortunately we learn from a young age that power comes from outside of us and if we get enough stuff, accolades, money, titles, looks, etc THEN we will feel powerful and fulfilled. So people spend much of their lives seeking outside for the the thing that is right inside of them.

The secret key to access this internal wellspring of power is curiosity.

If you´ve been with me for a while now you know curiosity is my jam. I am deeply curious and and the more curious I become, the more powerful I become. I speak my mind, I like myself, I choose a lifestyle that aligns with me. I move through the world with increasing ease. All because I have developed my natural tendency to be curious.

When you ask more questions of yourself, you hear insights that arise from within. You can be curious about other people which is valuable but being curious about yourself is where the true gold is.

Sound too light and simple right to get you big real life results?

Well here is the interesting thing, most people never get tapped back into their own curiosity because it scares the crap out of them. So it might sound light but it´s actually so powerful that it creates resistance in most people.

It´s why personally, I always have a mentor or someone committed to seeing me too. We need each other. We are scared of our own amazing big bad-ass selves. And honestly I don´t know ANYONE, no matter how successful, who doesn’t have some discomfort around getting bigger. You are not alone.

If you are willing to have be curious it will all start to unfold. Playfulness and kindness are key to using curiosity and exploring the human experience … they are the magic pill that makes transformation easier.

So, want to be more curiously powerful or confident? Here are 8 questions to play with from The Curiosity Experiment cards:

  • Act like the version of you who has already achieved your intentions.
  • How am I limiting my potential right now?
  • What if I try this another way?
  • Notice when you are talking just to fill the silence.
  • Notice the voice in your head, is it kind to you and others?
  • How can I be more playful?
  • Who do I need to talk to, to move me closer to my intentions?
  • How much more can I receive today?

Ask the questions, ponder, listen, FEEL what happens in your body.

Increasing your capacity to shift and change with what arises is the next step. This is your increasing ability to tolerate and allow the bigger version of you. You already know what you need to create the whole life you want – it is all inside. If you want to explore having support and creating that confidence, power and ease set up a call here with me.

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