Fear of Success 101

Fear of success 101Are you afraid to fail or succeed?

Every client I worked with in the past five years has had some form of fear of success. They are above average emotional or mental intelligence, they are tenacious, they are people who get shit done, they are leaders, they are potential world changers …

BUT they got stuck.

Many people think they are afraid to fail but in fact  – The fear of being overwhelmed by so much incoming attention, money, success, accolades, possibility, potential, love, intimacy, all become so uncomfortable that they get stuck in order to limit that potential.

Fear of success is not the literal fear of the money or being seen or having accolades or having the best relationships or having great sex, etc. – fear of success is an energetic limitation, the fear that we can’t manage all that incoming energy. It is unseen, but felt so strongly that it limits all of our potential.

There are layers to this but here’s a short video to give you an understanding of the basics.

Choose to be curious,

PS In the video I mention The Change Militia which gives literal tools to expand and receive more incoming energy. Check it out HERE.


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