How to be a creator rather than a victim of your life

How to be a creator rather than a victim

¨From this hour I ordain myself loos´d of limits and imaginary lines ¨

– Walt Whitman, Open Road

Oh how I love this quote.

¨Choosing¨ is the thing we must commit to if we want to have a most interesting and fulfilling life.

Once we choose to let go of the limitations we have placed upon ourselves, life has an incredible amount of joy to be experienced.

I have spent a lot of time in the past year choosing to let go of even more perceived limits I had. Asking who I am and want I want. Spending time once again not following anyone´s system but exploring what I want to create.

Here´s something I know: When I choose creation happens. 100% of the time.

What does that mean? Well, most of us learn to subtly be victims to this life. We learn to listen to others, strive for things we think we should want, seriously doubt our power … we are taught through social cues to REACT to what life gives you rather than CREATE it.

But I KNOW this isn’t true from my own experience. The world is not happening to us.

Be a creator rather than a victim.


I still don’t know why I decided to choose differently when I was younger but I spent years and years creating a life that was pretty awesome yet so few around me believed they could create. But then I got a bit too sucked into mainstream thinking and I doubted how much I had created and the value of it. I started to look at all that was wrong with me.

I bought programs and hired coaches and read books that helped me ¨fix¨ me and have ¨breakthroughs¨. I allowed myself to start believing I had issues with all kinds of things about myself that were in the way of how successful or happy I could be.

Once you start looking for what´s wrong, it´s a never ending road, you will keep finding things wrong with you.

Holy rollers, I took the ticket and bought the story that I wasn’t enough AND YOU KNOW WHAT´S INTERESTING!!!! I started creating that.

I started not feeling like I was enough, I started not having enough… and that was EXHAUSTING!!! It was the most unhappy I´ve ever been with myself.

Then I started doing some old practices I know and remembered that I DO know the way and jumped back on my own train.

YOU ALREADY KNOW INSIDE TOO. Truth is, fulfillment, joy and ease come from knowing and trusting your own self.

The energies of trying, proving, convincing, explaining are ALL signs that you aren’t trusting that you ARE LOVE, KINDNESS, AWESOME, CREATIVE, ENOUGH … you already ARE that which you are seeking.

Seriously, I traveled for a decade seeking others who trusted themselves. It is a rarity. And so this year I FINALLY co-created something that is working super effectively to help others trust themselves.

Be a creator rather than a victim in lifeThe Change Militia. If you are committed to thinking you’re broken, it will not work for you. You HAVE to be willing to CHOOSE to trust that you are the one who knows what you need and these practices WILL work.

This self-paced, online program gives you tools to go within and BE the powerful, empathetic, kind, playful person you already are.

The members are fantastic. They too are EXPLORERS. We love our weekly calls and connecting offline. One of our members Shawna, told me last week ¨On the first call I felt so light, I finally met my people!¨ It is so FUN to be around curious people who want to explore what possible rather than judge themselves. That energy alone has helped all of us gain more momentum.

This program won´t fix you or give you a formula to get it right – BECAUSE YOUR PATH IS NOT MY PATH.

It will give you simple practices to love and trust yourself and be the powerful person YOU are in all areas of your life. If you are ready to be the creator of our life rather than a victim of it, come play.

Have questions, set up a free call with me HERE  and I´ll connect with you. Otherwise, get started HERE.







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