Am I meant to be a leader? Debunking the leadership myth.

Am I meant to be a leader? Debunking the leadership myth.

To be or not to be really is the question.

“Am I a leader or am I really meant to be a follower?” That is the question from an amazing client that prompted me to write this. If she is pondering this, I think it is something many ponder.

I responded to the question by stating “well, you hired me and that is what a leader does, lead their own lives. They make decisions to be more aware and seek what they need to make things happen.”  And off we went on a deeper understanding – or reminder – of what it meant to BE a leader.

Being a leader is a state of being, not a title.

We choose moment to moment who we will be and that is the energy with which we move to the next moment. We are fluid beings who can change our state of being – our energetic state – in a second, when we understand how.

When we can master this ability to shift states of being, we truly are powerful.

Being a leader is fluid. It changes moment to moment. But in our masculine society (masculine meaning linear) we learn that we are either a leader or we aren’t – or that to become a leader we have to have some “knowledge” that not everyone has.

Here’s the reality: You are a leader in every moment in which you are empowered. When your power is not dispersed, depleted or drained off – you are “being” a leader and you naturally influence others with your energy, you can’t stop it.

The title of leader is impermanent. Titles are gained, lost or given up all the time. Many people have leadership titles but they are not necessarily leaders. They may be managers or bullies or great at controlling people but THAT is not leadership. When titles are lost, that power and “leadership” is lost.

Being a leader means being present with yourself and others and tapping into the greater potential available. You are empowered and do not seek to drain others power or make them small. You sense that when we are all more present, elevated and tapping our potential, so much possibility exists that can be utilized.

Since states of being are fluid, you can move from empowered to dis-empowered, leader to follower, happy to sad, strong to weak … all in a moment … when you know how.

You are a leader. It is your natural state. You have that capacity under all the “information” you’ve learned and many patterns in your life that block out your innate awesome power. Information overload and old habits and patterns simply drain off your power.

When I work with you I am not fixing you, you are not broken, you are innately awesome – innately a leader. I help you see the patterns you’ve adopted over time that drain your potential – remove the patterns and you’ll effortlessly elevate your energy, ease, power, joy, clarity, influence, etc.

Leadership opportunities, aka being fully you, exist all the time – in the subway, the bookstore, in business or career, in family and community. Often the true leaders don’t have titles and are never acknowledged.

Leadership is a state of being. You must choose to be or not to be the energetic state of a leader.

Choose to be curious,


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