Where there is no resistance, there is enlightenment

Where there is no resistance, there is enlightenment¨Where there is no resistance, there is enlightenment.¨

When Jeff shared this on one of our Change Militia calls I felt the zing of recognition, like wow ¨that´s it, I know it to be true!! I am SO on-board, let’s experiment with that!¨

While removing resistance can be simple, its not always easy. We are infused with resistance – mental, emotional, physical, energetic. We generate and maintain resistance for a multitude of reasons BUT once we learn to FEEL it, we can release it.

Resistance dilutes our potential and exhausts our energy sources.

Why am I sharing this? Because it really truly fascinates me that I have been seeking for over 20 years for ways to increase my ease and fulfillment and this thing we´ve created, The Change Militia, is working so incredibly well. Such a beautiful surprise since I had no expectations what would happen when we created it. The practices are simple and we all continue to get amazing results.

It has helped both Jeff and I immensely and now that we are sharing it with more and more people it is consistently working!! We´re reducing our resistances all over the place! It´s changing our worlds inside and out.

While it is quite powerful – do the practices, release the resistances, be lighter, tolerate your expansion, change the world – I´ve been pretty quiet about it.

These practices are highly effective. They´ll get you unstuck and stop overwhelm… they will remove the obstacles to your greatest success at your own pace … BUT ONLY if you have a desire to explore your own potential. Only if you want to explore whats possible when you move through the world completely as YOU. Only if you are willing to be more curious, kind and playful.

If you´ve read this far I suspect you might not want average. And maybe you are looking for a group of other willing explorers to get curious and grow with.

Who are you? What are you really capable of? How much happiness and joy can you tolerate? How much love, kindness and intimacy can you experience? Can you change the world?

Want to find out? Well then this is a personal invite to join me and the other amazing people in there. Go check out the site in the link below, sign up or set up a free call and I´ll help you decide if it’s for you.

Are you ready to remove your resistance and explore your potential for enlightenment?

Choose to be curious,



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