Ready To Stop Feeling Like An Imposter?

Ready To Stop Feeling Like An ImposterFeeling like an imposter occurs when you are trying to prove to the world that you have value that you yourself don’t fully believe.

Most of your energy and potential is spent upholding an image that you fear ¨they¨ will see through. Or you spend it hiding away while you try to get it all ¨right.¨ It is exhausting and deflating. You think if you say the right thing or show up the right way you´ll survive! They won´t figure out who you really are – the lesser, smaller, insignificant you.

I hear this often in business but it occurs in all areas of our lives.

When you run your life feeling like an imposter you burn off so much of your potential that you do show up smaller, ultimately validating your theory that you aren’t enough or valuable.

So here´s the fix: BE TRANSPARENT.

Transparency removes fear and creates connection.

When you are transparent about what you offer, your experience, your curiosity, your vision – without trying to prove, manipulate or convince, ease and power are available. When you are transparent you don´t spend energy thinking of the right thing to say or do, you can spend that energy doing things that create impact, and make a real difference.

You BE the person who others want to connect with.

All of the posing, trying, efforting and proving literally creates a mental and energetic obstacle between you and what you really want. Be transparent and all possibility becomes available. You become powerful and attractive.

Here is a video I made to explain it a bit more and if you don´t know what transparency means in the day to day sense, connect with me and I will put it into context for you personally.

And in full transparency I was a bit tired when I shot this video so you might notice that :)

Choose to be curious,



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