These 4 things will stop you from being fulfilled

These 4 things will stop you from being fulfilled{ Explaining, Justifying, Proving and Trying – These are the enemies of fulfillment }

The Curiosity Experiment card that I pulled today is “What else is possible that I haven’t yet considered?” This question is not an intellectual examination. Our intellect only know what it knows. We feed it and it calculates. It limits all undefined possibility, continually.

Opening to all possibility can feel like an un-tethered experience because we have to ALLOW our minds to wander and hearts to open. We may feel what is happening in our body. When I allow my mind to soften and not be in an analytical state, I hear and feel things that I had forgotten or new ideas arise, or all the pieces that I have been gathering from the world start to come together for an “aha!” moment. All possibility exists again.

But in our material culture, which values the external experience more than the internal, we create habits early on in life that keep us in patterns of EXPLAINING ourselves or why we are doing things, JUSTIFYING our decisions and ideas, PROVING that we are enough and worthy, and TRYING to fit in, do the right thing to feel good and be valuable. These states are preoccupied with the outside world – gauging what others will think so I can define myself as enough.

These four habits get us right onto a mental treadmill. These 4 things will stop you from being fulfilled. They are exhausting and will keep you small and stuck. Small and stuck can’t co-exist with fulfilled.

They each FEEL a certain way in our body. As Jeff describes it, they create specific energy configurations that we can notice and become aware of. When I feel one of these states which is generally a pervasive heavy, dense feeling then I am NOT feeling ease, joy, fulfillment. These heavy states limit me. Noticing them and then changing them is key to experiencing fulfillment.

Anytime we are explaining, justifying, proving and trying, we are moderating our potential and possibilities.

Choose curious,

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